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For the Perfect Moving Day, Hire the Best Removals Company in London

  • Choosing the Removal Company in Fulham London
  • We believe that the best way to support our clients is by offering professional moving help and advices regarding any of our Man with Van services in London and beyond. We strive to tailor each and every of your moves across London so your needs are fully met. Questions will arise and we are more than happy to answer them by providing the selection below to touch some basics.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When Should I Contact a Removal Company?

    We would strongly advise you to give yourself plenty of time for the preparation of your move and avail of more time to assess the moving estimates you have been quoted, so you will be able to make the best decision.When Should I Contact a Removal Company?

    How is Luca Man and Van Different from all the Rest Moving Companies?
    We at Luca Man and Van aim to avoid nasty surprises that people may associate with moving. We achieve this by offering a guaranteed final price, based on the items and type of your move, so you will be aware exactly what is due on your moving day.

    How much will my Move Cost?
    Moving costs depend on the distance, time needed to carry out the removal and the packing materials involved, which can be supplied by your moving provider, upon request. Keep in mind that the final price is the sum of the labour needed, transportation and the removal. Call us on [PHONE NUMBER], email us at or chat with our live customer support by using the window below, regarding your specific removal needs.

    Are Your Quotes Free of Charge?
    Yes, our moving quotes are absolutely free of charge and non-obligatory. What is more, after a brief discussion of your moving requirements and needs with our expert team, you will receive an accurate quotation on the spot, which is guaranteed to match the final price for your move.

    When Do You Work?
    We cover all areas within London and beyond, so we are capable to carry our your move, no matter its size and type. We work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, so we can give you time and date for your moving that suits you best.

    What is the Size of your Moving Vehicles?
    We boast a large and modern fleet of moving vehicles equipped with the latest GPS systems, designed specifically for the moving industry. Our specialty moving vehicles include padded work vans for the transportation of delicate objects and full-size trucks needed for large scale UK and international moves.

    Do You Provide Storage and Packing Options?
    We are happy to offer a variety of cost-effective packing services and storage solutions for our customers in and around London at the best rates around. You can have us take care of the safe packaging of your household items or office equipment and storage them in our weather-safe storage facilities with 24 hours manned security. You can also book combined storage and packaging services and take advantage of our discounted rates.

    What we collect:

    Household Items

    • Fine China dinnerware
    • Dinner Sets
    • Porcelain dinnerware
    • Ceramic dinnerware
    • Cutlery and Cutlery Sets
    • Silverware
    • Vases Cups and Glasses Figurines and Souvenirs
    • Mirrors
    • Pictures and Picture Frames
    • Art Antiques


    • Home Library Furniture
    • Bookcases
    • Book shelves
    • Pianos
    • Wardrobes
    • Chests
    • Night Stands
    • Couches/Sofas
    • Love Seats
    • Stools/ Chairs
    • Recliners
    • Chaise Lounges
    • Ottomans
    • Benches
    • 2-seater sofas
    • Futons
    • Larger sofas
    • Tables and Folding Tables
    • Curio Cabinets
    • Pedestals
    • Kitchen Tables
    • Accent Tables
    • Game Tables
    • Coffee Tables
    • End Tables
    • Nesting Tables
    • Dining Sets
    • Dining Room Tables
    • Desks
    • Armchairs
    • Twin beds
    • Blanket Racks
    • Drawing Boards
    • Hope Chests
    • Dinette
    • Vanity Sets
    • TV Sets/ Televisions
    • Closets
    • Hutches
    • Bedroom Sets
    • Beds and Bedframes
    • Headboards
    • Slats
    • Sideboards
    • Dressers
    • Record Player Console
    • Game Consoles
    • Playgrounds
    • Clothes Dryers
    • Kneehole Desk
    • Living Room Storage
    • Storage Furniture


    • King-size beds
    • Double-mattress beds
    • King Size Mattress
    • Queen Size Mattress
    • Double Size Mattress
    • Twin Size Mattress
    • Box Springs
    • Memory Foam Mattresses
    • Sleep Number
    • Pillow Top
    • Baby Cribs/ Cot Beds
    • Bunk Beds
    More Household Items
    • Clothing
    • Toys
    • Newspapers
    • Magazines
    • Tools
    • CD's
    • Sewing Machines
    • Exercise Equipment
    • Power Cords
    • Bicycles
    • VHS Tapes
    • Storm Doors
    • Kitchen Utensils
    • Clothing
    • Roller Skates
    • DVD’s
    • Pillows
    • Window Screens
    • Pans and Pots
    • Books
    • Storage Containers
    • Lamps and Lamp Shades
    Major Appliances
    • Electric Stove
    • Gas Stoves
    • Washing Machines
    • Ovens
    • Wall Ovens
    • Kitchen units
    • Clothes Dryers
    • Refrigerator
    • Wine Refrigerators
    • Dishwashers
    • Freezers and Ice Makers
    • Chest Freezers
    • Microwave ovens
    • Air conditioners
    • Bathtubs
    • Cooktops
    • Kitchen Range Hoods
    • Warming Drawers
    • How Water Heaters
    • Electric Cook Top
    • Venting Systems
    • Water Softeners
    • Stackable Washer/ Dryer
    • Air Conditioners
    • Trash Compactors
    • Drying Cabinets
    • Electric Heaters
    Small Appliances
    • Microwaves
    • Water Filters
    • Coffee Makers
    • Irons
    • Blenders
    • Room Air Conditioners
    • Water Dispensers
    • Deep Fryers
    • Indoor Grills
    • Toasters
    • Dorm Refrigerators
    • Dehumidifiers
    • Juicers
    • Dehydrators
    • Skillets
    • Toaster Ovens
    • Wine Chillers
    • Griddles
    • Food Processors
    • Bread Makers
    Carpets and Rugs
    • Oriental/Afghan Rugs
    • Living Room Carpets
    • Carpet Padding
    • Baseboards
    • Rolled Carpets
    Kitchen Items
    • Hobs
    • Hoods
    • Modular Kitchens
    • Dining Chairs and Tables
    • Stools and Benches
    • Dining Tables
    • Dining Chairs
    • Stools & Benches
    • Sideboards
    • Modular Kitchens
    • Kitchen cupboards
    • Kitchen counters
    • Kitchen Islands
    • Stools
    • Hotplates

    Note: We can also move your car or boat with no problems, no matter where you want it to be moved. Just let us know about your requirements and final destination and we will provide you with a free no obligation quote in next to no time.

    What we DO NOT collect:

    • Toxic substances, specifically asbestos
    • Solvents or controlled chemicals
    • Biological or Medical waste (medicines, syringe, etc)
    • Propane/ Butane bottles
    • Petrol, oil or diesel
    • Raw Meat

    Opt for the Best Removal Company in London

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    • Free no obligation moving quote
    • Always on time delivering hassle-free Man and Van service
    • Highly experienced in providing smooth, on-time removal
    • 24-7 Experienced customer service representatives
    • The most competitive and fair prices
    • Flexible working time outside normal hours
    • Next Day service¬†options

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